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Monday, February 08, 2010

Useful Island, or Again with the Penguins

From Antarctica
Sunrise: 0453

We went on our last Zodiac ride on “Useful’ Island. The temperature was 40 degrees and the sun was shinning brightly. In the afternoon, we saw 5 killer whales in front of the ship. One of the researchers went out with a team to try to get a DNA sample from one of the whales by shooting a dart into one of the whales. She spent more than hour but was unsuccessful. We are now entering Drake Passage which has high swells (ten to fifteen feet) so the boat is really bouncing about. We have to secure everything so I must put up the laptop.

We will be home Friday – long, long way to get home and even though we will miss this frozen paradise we are ready to be back to civilization.


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